Sunday, April 27, 2014

watch what u eat

BE CAUTIOUS BEFORE YOU EAT:Cabury Dairy Milk (chocolate candy products)
A recent complaint to the Cadbury company has been exposed and it will make us think twice when we eat any Cadbury chocolate product.
Rachel ,22, had gotten a Cadbury Dairy Milk: Fruit N Nut bar from the store on her way to school. As she was preparing to eat it and removed the candy wrapper, to her surprise the chocolate was old and rotten, while the wrapper was untouched and the expriry date was well far away. She then inspected the candy bar a bit more and discovered a hole in the bar that had worms inside of it. She began taking pictures and recording the worms to have evidence to show the Cadbury Company. She called and reported it and they sent an agent to come collect the bar and give her a refund and told her she will be contacted on further information. A few weeks pass and to her surprise they had not called or recalled anything. She called back and they blew her off as if the incident never happened.

So before buying Cadbury products remember this incident or inspect the candy well!

Beach weekend!!

So this weekend was beach weekend an event at Virginia beach , Va . Which had very bad reviews due to the events that took place at last years beach weekend. Those people who were responsible for the robberies and shooting and etc. I believe were not college students but you can't tell the news anything, sometimes I feel as though the news only reports negative things and never show the good that people do.  How ever I think this year was a little bit better than last year. The city had 3 or 4 cops on each block which made me feel a lot safer. However I don't think I will be attending anymore of those events it was just a little too much going on and not even hot enough to swim.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Lets talk about tie dye... I gotta say I was super excited. I really enjoyed myself , I think I stayed in there the whole entire time. It was by far the greatest activity on campus this year for me. However I was really shocked that not a lot of people have on there shirts today and its Monday. On the flip side I guess this counts as in outside of the classroom activity .


So on easter my sister tells me she is moving to LA in november. I started asking questions like how, why , with what money? She said that she wanted to go follow her dreams of becoming and actress and that she was going to start saving money. So I told her about a website to help her raise money. The website is called I told her you never know who might come across it , that she would be surprised at how many people are willing to help... so everyone go support her right now please and thank you xoxo KAT

everyone go support my sissy right now....  please and thank you

Monday, March 24, 2014

School !!!

Today I wanna talk about school. I think its so messed up when teachers put on their syllabus 2 missed classes is an automatic F. Some students do not live on campus and even for student that do. There are some things that happen that are out of our control, and I don't think teachers understand that. If I student misses 2 classes but have an A or B in the class I don't think its right to drop their grade to an automatic F. There are students at different schools who never attend class and just show up on the final exam day and receive A's. How many classes you miss have nothing to do with our knowledge of the class. I thought that was the whole point of these expensive textbooks. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

                                                              J'ai presque oubliĆ© ...

Well I do apologize I simply forgot last weeks blog, but I am back and ready for blog action. Well this past week in class was not that interesting. The class finally came to an agreement about our topics which was surprisingly a relief. However this means papers will be shortly due *inserts extremely sad face here*  I guess I can talk about my weekend, Saturday I rented a movie from the ever so brilliant  red box. The titles I selected were The Butler and Rush. Rush was a must see. However my bone to pick was with The Butler. This guy name Cecile works for the white house as a butler for over 20 years and he had a son that was a freedom rider and a black panther. In this film they portrayed it like the guy Cecile and his sons actions were responsible for all the civil rights decisions that the presidents made. I found it rather odd that we have never heard of this guy before but they made him a big deal in the movie. He supposedly lived to see Obama become president and was introduced  to him. I guess maybe I should look this guy up......anyway Valentines Day is this Friday and I will be accepting gifts *small joke* but I'm going to post a picture of a good and inexpensive gift idea because everyone deserves a valentine later cupids 


Saturday, January 25, 2014

                                 Premier billet du blog

 Well this is my first blog post and I am super duper excited *hints the sarcasm* but I would much rather be taking about different things. This week at school was a rather long and cold week. I was highly disappointed in Richard Bland that they didn't allow us not even one day off. The roads were extremely icy. So like the good little student I sometimes intend to be made it to class this week. However I was thankful for the MLK holiday. I took part in a extended stay with my bed. Thinking about how I been ripped off by these auto centers this week, but thats beside the point. On Wednesday and Friday in english class we had  to equally agree on trois topics to write about throughout the semester. Seem a lot easier on Wednesday when only a small portion of the class came. As far as Friday it was just bonkers its some much personality in the room. Personally I would have much rather been giving a topic and just write about the topic given at hand thats the way its normally done anyway. I felt as though each person including myself had their minds made up already so everyone was being rather stubborn. I must say arguing with the guy 2 chairs down from me paralyzed me with much entertainment and laughter. As far as the reading we were assigned I didn't really come to an understanding about them. There was this one quote that popped out to me "If you meet a Buddha on the road, kill him"  I wonder if anyone else figured out what it means.