Sunday, February 9, 2014

                                                              J'ai presque oublié ...

Well I do apologize I simply forgot last weeks blog, but I am back and ready for blog action. Well this past week in class was not that interesting. The class finally came to an agreement about our topics which was surprisingly a relief. However this means papers will be shortly due *inserts extremely sad face here*  I guess I can talk about my weekend, Saturday I rented a movie from the ever so brilliant  red box. The titles I selected were The Butler and Rush. Rush was a must see. However my bone to pick was with The Butler. This guy name Cecile works for the white house as a butler for over 20 years and he had a son that was a freedom rider and a black panther. In this film they portrayed it like the guy Cecile and his sons actions were responsible for all the civil rights decisions that the presidents made. I found it rather odd that we have never heard of this guy before but they made him a big deal in the movie. He supposedly lived to see Obama become president and was introduced  to him. I guess maybe I should look this guy up......anyway Valentines Day is this Friday and I will be accepting gifts *small joke* but I'm going to post a picture of a good and inexpensive gift idea because everyone deserves a valentine later cupids 


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