Saturday, January 25, 2014

                                 Premier billet du blog

 Well this is my first blog post and I am super duper excited *hints the sarcasm* but I would much rather be taking about different things. This week at school was a rather long and cold week. I was highly disappointed in Richard Bland that they didn't allow us not even one day off. The roads were extremely icy. So like the good little student I sometimes intend to be made it to class this week. However I was thankful for the MLK holiday. I took part in a extended stay with my bed. Thinking about how I been ripped off by these auto centers this week, but thats beside the point. On Wednesday and Friday in english class we had  to equally agree on trois topics to write about throughout the semester. Seem a lot easier on Wednesday when only a small portion of the class came. As far as Friday it was just bonkers its some much personality in the room. Personally I would have much rather been giving a topic and just write about the topic given at hand thats the way its normally done anyway. I felt as though each person including myself had their minds made up already so everyone was being rather stubborn. I must say arguing with the guy 2 chairs down from me paralyzed me with much entertainment and laughter. As far as the reading we were assigned I didn't really come to an understanding about them. There was this one quote that popped out to me "If you meet a Buddha on the road, kill him"  I wonder if anyone else figured out what it means.

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  1. "If you meet a Buddha on the road, kill him" -- to me, it means to question/challenge authority. To be your own person. To look at the world around you for what it is and not for what others tell you it should be.

    (This is Sweeney)