Sunday, April 27, 2014

watch what u eat

BE CAUTIOUS BEFORE YOU EAT:Cabury Dairy Milk (chocolate candy products)
A recent complaint to the Cadbury company has been exposed and it will make us think twice when we eat any Cadbury chocolate product.
Rachel ,22, had gotten a Cadbury Dairy Milk: Fruit N Nut bar from the store on her way to school. As she was preparing to eat it and removed the candy wrapper, to her surprise the chocolate was old and rotten, while the wrapper was untouched and the expriry date was well far away. She then inspected the candy bar a bit more and discovered a hole in the bar that had worms inside of it. She began taking pictures and recording the worms to have evidence to show the Cadbury Company. She called and reported it and they sent an agent to come collect the bar and give her a refund and told her she will be contacted on further information. A few weeks pass and to her surprise they had not called or recalled anything. She called back and they blew her off as if the incident never happened.

So before buying Cadbury products remember this incident or inspect the candy well!

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