Monday, March 24, 2014

School !!!

Today I wanna talk about school. I think its so messed up when teachers put on their syllabus 2 missed classes is an automatic F. Some students do not live on campus and even for student that do. There are some things that happen that are out of our control, and I don't think teachers understand that. If I student misses 2 classes but have an A or B in the class I don't think its right to drop their grade to an automatic F. There are students at different schools who never attend class and just show up on the final exam day and receive A's. How many classes you miss have nothing to do with our knowledge of the class. I thought that was the whole point of these expensive textbooks. 


  1. I like hearing these opinions from students, even when I disagree.

    Attendance does often affect learning in class. One of the interesting things is that you don't know if you missed out on learning something because, well, you weren't there. And I don't think the point of the textbooks is so you can learn it on your own without class. Otherwise, why not just go to the library instead of college? It'd be cheaper.

  2. I agree with you for those teachers that only allow you to miss 2 days out of the whole semester. It's ridiculous because situations or issues may come up where students have too, but there is also students who skip class due to not taking the class seriously or the professor and their missing out or taking advantage of it. Hey we are all adults and if a student wants to miss class that's on them and their responsibility to make it up if they can, not the teachers.